Original Game + Both Expansion Packs

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Original Game:  54 Category Cards + 54 Letter Cards 

A “Challenger” will battle each person one by one by flipping over a category card such as "My Superpower is...". A letter card is then flipped over such as "A". The first person (between the two) to shout out a word or short phrase starting with the letter and fitting the category card wins that card! For example, in this situation someone could shout out "Avoiding Responsibilities!"


18 Drinking Category Cards: The loser of each battle has to perform a certain task, or they can take a certain number of drinks to avoid that task. Some cards are unavoidable though such as "Loser takes a drink with no hands".

18 Not Safe for Work Category Cards: If you think your mind went to inappropriate places with the original deck, wait until you try these...