• Did You Really Just...

Did You Really Just...

You Never Know What You Will Say!


Original Deck

54 Category Cards designed to make you laugh out loud when you blurt out the answer!

Drinking Expansion Pack

18 Drinking Category Cards. The loser of each battle has to perform a certain task, or they can take a certain number of drinks to avoid that task. Some cards are unavoidable though such as "Loser takes a drink with no hands".

NSFW Expansion Pack

18 Not Safe for Work Category Cards. If you think your mind went to inappropriate places with the original deck, wait until you try these...

"This game is super fun! I played at Happy Hour with friends and we had a really great time with a lot of laughs! You'd never imagine some of the things that come out of your friend's (or you own) mouths but this game brings them out!" 

Jessica C.

"This is the best game because you will never play the same game twice! Not only is it fun, but it also exercises your mind as you have to come up with answers on the spot. Love bringing this to game nights and parties!"

Kelsie D.